Our Services

Regulatory Services

One of the pioneers of the regional gaming industry, and an original member of Isle of Capri Casinos executive team; served as the Executive Vice President, and General Counsel of Isle, helping to lead and the develop the Company from its inception; 30 years experience in regional gaming.

Risk Management

Our team’s experience in risk management covers everything from auditing your current risk insurance program for cost and proper coverage to the design and development of a business continuity plan, to the preparation and negotiation of claims settlement following an insurance loss.

Government Relations

Foundation Gaming’s team has also been involved in developing and implementing legislative strategies and working with local, regional and state government bodies to build consensus toward common goals.

Management, Operations & Marketing Services

Foundation Gaming can help owners maximize their operations and provides everything from strategic planning to day to day operations oversight. With hands-on experience is all areas of operations, Foundation Gaming team members are able to introduce best practice solutions to a wide range of management and operational challenges including evaluations, management consulting, pre-opening and ownership transition, strategic planning, facility expansions, financial analysis, systems and reporting consultation, and personnel recruitment. Foundation Gaming also has experience in all aspects of marketing from reviewing the effectiveness of existing programs to developing cutting edge direct marketing programs designed to provide measurable positive impact to the bottom-line.

Development Services

Foundation Gaming team members have been involved in the development of many gaming facilities in many different markets and have the ability to provide the necessary services required to facilitate the successful completion of a development project. These services include feasibility analysis, site selection and evaluation, conceptual design, completion of capital budgets and operating models, negotiating necessary agreements, navigating the process of seeking regulatory approvals, as well as, preparing submissions in competitive processes.

Human Resources

Training and Employee Development Services

Foundation Gaming has built a unique competency around skills-based training with proven programs to increase everything from employee retention, to taking your organization’s customer service to a whole new level. And we also offer a full suite of programs in diversity planning, compliance, and coaching for the mid-level and supervisor level of your organization. Foundation Gaming’s team also offers assistance in succession planning, a key component to keeping an organization functioning at a high level over the long term.

Acquisition & Transactional Services

The ability to identify, evaluate and pursue potential acquisitions is one of the areas of strength of Foundation Gaming. With extensive experience in regional gaming markets, Foundation Gaming’s team can assist or lead in evaluating potential acquisitions, negotiating agreements, pursuing licenses and approvals, completing the due diligence and physical inspections, and providing the support and services needed for a successful acquisition.